The School Newspaper of the Curley K-8 School

Welcome to the site of The Curley Chronicle.

The Chronicle was founded in September, 2008. It is a school newspaper operating within the context of a journalism class for grades 6-8 at the Curley K-8 School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Introduction to Journalism

Currently, the class lasts for one academic quarter, which runs for about nine or ten weeks.

Throughout the course, students are taught the basics of news gathering, reporting, conducting interviews, and the elements of feature story writing. The end result is the latest issue of the school newspaper, The Curley Chronicle.

How the Journalism Class Operates

The Journalism class is run like a news room (sometimes referred to as a "city room"), the place where professional reporters and editorial staff collaborate to produce a newspaper.

During the first few weeks of the course, the class is run like a traditional classroom. During this time, much emphasis is placed on daily class rituals and a series of lessons on conducting a newspaper with professionalism.

By the fourth week, students are running the news room themselves, conducting meetings, scheduling interviews, revising stories, taking photographs, conducting surveys and polls, and even housekeeping, as they are required to take ownership of the space in every aspect.

The overall aim of the class is to promote social responsibility in students and to guide them towards the development of important leadership skills. These skills will be naturally called upon during the decision-making process which leads to eventual publication.

Due to the semi-public nature of the Chronicle, student reporters are expected to develop an awareness of their impact on the school itself. It is understood that they impact the school's climate through both the content of the newspaper and by the way they conduct themselves as they operate throughout the school building during school hours.

In the fall of 2009, Chronicle reporters (above) met with Mayor Thomas Menino.

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“Transformative teaching and learning are characterized by a curriculum organized around powerful ideas, highly interactive teaching strategies, active student involvement, and activities that require students to participate in personal, social, and civic action to make their classrooms, schools, and communities more democratic and just.”
-James Banks